In 1996 the choir ventured abroad for the first time, to Epsom's twin-town Chantilly, near Paris. Since then, a long summer weekend 'tour' has become a regular and much anticipated part of the programme.

Chartres 2019 - a brief look back

Written by Juliet Whitten

Highlights of our recent tour

The magnificent Cathedral, awe-inspiring by day and lit up late in the evening with an amazing ‘Son et Lumiere’ showing the history of the building in vibrant colours.

Our Concert in Versailles Cathedral and the joy of singing together in such a beautiful place - even though there were rows of empty seats!

A free day with tours of the Cathedral, the town, the museum, coffee under the parasols and even a little train rattling through the tiny streets offering even more information for those for those who needed the opportunity to sit down.

A delicious Choir Dinner in a friendly nearby Cafe on the last evening, and then , finally , the privilege of Epsom Choral Society being able to sing with the appreciative congregation at the Sunday Mass in the Cathedral.

A memorable experience for us all. A fuller account will be published in the choir newletter, and on this web-site , in the autumn.

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